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Using Windows Live Movie Maker

I've been working with a school recently on using WMM. There were three questions they hoped I;d be able to address:

  • Converting music to use with WMM
  • Where to get intros and outros
  • Creating a voiceover
  • Adding audio into your clip

Taking a blended approach I worked with staff covering the points above but as always there is a lot to remember so I created the video tutorial below.

  • Have you been using WMM with your students?
  • How are you finding using it?
  • Do you have questions or ideas for us to consideras a text step?


  • Myles Webb

    I've used WMM with students at my last two schools, both being PC schools.  Its okay, I like to have a quick turn around from when events happen to when I post (hopefully the same day if possible) so the more professional sheen of Imovie isn't there, but it depends on what your looking for - we're primarily posting online so the file size isn't going to be huge anyways.  For the intro/outro's I always have found WMM poor for this - so I used photo story with some still images a long time ago and that's work pretty well.  Its straight forward and simple to use but in the long term I think if you want quality then you'd start heading for something else.

  • Tessa Gray

    This is a handy tutorial Simon. When I used to work with WMM with schools, I would reccomend they upgraded to WMM 2, so they can get access to the extras that can be added to the media library, such as Movie Maker 2 Creativity Fun Pack (extras like special video titles, end credits, music, and sound effects).

    1. More special effects can be found @ http://www.thefxarchive.com/
    2. Links to thousands of video and backgrounds can be found @ http://www.thecliparchive.com/index.php
    3. Loads of extra help for WMM can be found @ http://www.windowsmoviemakers.net/Forums…

     This makes MovieMaker a lot more flexible/professional in it's use Smile