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Critical Buddies and 'Teaching as inquiry'

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By Tessa Gray

I’m off to meet with my critical buddy in two days time, so I thought I’d better get more acquainted with the term itself, as well as the process involved in having a mentor/coach support my professional ‘inquiry into teaching’.


From reading, Critical Friends by Deborah Bambino, I understand the importance of collaborative conversations, which can challenge and support each us “…towards a shared vision of improved practice.” MARGARET LAMONT ( Instep chapter 5 An environment of collegial reflective dialogue for inservice teacher educators, P1). I also see the need for me to have a sense of responsibility or “enthusiastic commitment” towards engaging in this process.


So, how am I feeling? I'm not apprehensive, because I respect and trust my critical buddy. I know our conversations will take us to a safe place for mutual benefit. In fact, I’m excited by that. Choosing a good mentor, is a step in the right direction. 


I have chosen a real area of need for me to address, so I’m not feeling overly anxious about having my inadequacies exposed either. I’m more worried about not letting my critical buddy down! It's all about relationships. Hopefully I can make a conscious effort to develop some effective communication skills, so I can return the favour throughout this process.



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