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To use videos and E/Learning tools in my writing programme

My ICT goal is linked to my school writing goal, which is - to make my focus group of writers more aware of their audience.  I find that my students will often describe or talk about something in a interesting or exciting way.  However when they are sent off to write about the same topic the words they brainstormed or used orally are often never seen.  So I thought it would be quite good to some how record them and then try and transfer this to their writing.  This is where I hope the e/learning tools will come into play.  I have started by using different web sites to motivate writing ideas.  My next goal will be to get into videos, voice thread etc...  I am currently being held back by computer problems and can't wait for my new ones to arrive next term.  I look forward to reading ideas from others and will diffinetly give anything a go.  So any ideas, I would love to hear from you.


  • Matt Howard

    Yeah, new laptops will be mean. Your ideas sound really good and I'm sure that your focus group will be aware of their audience in no time!