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3 eLearning Stories from NZC Online: May 2011

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3 stories with an elearning focus:

  • EDtalks: Using teaching as inquiry to guide an eLearning action plan
    Claire Amos is Director of eLearning at Epsom Girls' Grammar. Claire talks about how the school is using a 'teaching as inquiry' cycle to inform the eLearning action plans that will be implemented by professional learning groups in each of the school's curriculum areas.
  • Snapshot: CamEast TV at Cambridge East School
    Students at Cambridge East School have set up their own successful TV show, CamEast TV. The school embarked on the project as part of their ICTPD contract, and have taken delight in watching their students succeed and grow as they learn. Along the way they discovered it was an ideal context through which to develop the key competencies.
  • Blogging and the key competencies
    In this example, ICT PD facilitator Tessa Gray has collated thoughts from the ICT PD project about the ways in which the key competencies can align with e-learning practices online.