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Follow up meeting 31st May -Film duration

Hi guys,

Last year we had a 1 minute limit on the films. This was to ensure that there was a focus on the visual impact of the movie (we also had no voice -most movies were accompanied with a music score only). If we are looking to have our movies shown at State Cinema 6 should we make them a bit longer? Cass expressed concern that she would not have been able to make hers any longer last year.

We could make it up to 3 minutes? What do you think? I would like to see them kept short and effective personally as opposed to allowing them to get longwinded -we do only have 3 days!!

I checked out the V 48hour film website and they have between 1 and 7 minutes as their duration requirements (schools can enter that comp too did you know !!??)

What do you think?


  • Allanah King

    Here is the link to the Made Awards that you may like to send the films into and win prizes!




  • Emma Watts

    Thanks Allanah for the link.

    Hi Kellie - I think we should stick to the original time frame of 1 minute.  The impact of the films last year was great (a few went over a minute - but thats okay!).  I think a short time frame helps students to be precise in their message.

    Em Smile