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Follow up meeting 31st May -Premiere opportunity

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By Kelliem Comments (4)


We have the opportunity to hold our premiere at State Cinema 6 as part of their 75 year anniversary. I received this email yesterday;

"We would love to make this a Super Dooper event for the kids so sound them out about getting dressed up like they were going to the oscars! 
We will have a red carpet and photographers and the newspaper and radio there.
I presume early evening would be best - what time would you suggest they arrive on Saturday 2nd July so I can start planning around the arrival time?
What would some of the kids think about being picked up and driven to the cinema in Classic Cars for a grand entrance?
I thought the kids might all like to do posters or flyers to stick up around Nelson about the event.
As for ticket sales - I think if the kids sell the tickets and you think of a price that is going to suite your market. You could go crazy and charge $2 for the kids and more for the adults. Try and fill the cinema of 196 seats. Invite the Mayor. Invite a few famous people - you never know. Tell the TV! 
Radio Nelson - that is Radionetworks 41 Selwym Pl, have exclusive radio rights to this event. They will be the ones there on the day. ie Classic Hits/ ZM"
-Louise in promotions

Do we use this as our full premiere and use the Suter for a 'Flick it on!' premiere in term 3?


  • Emma Watts

    I think both ...as it really promote the film festival and can provode funding for future film festivals!  So lets have 2 premieres for each stage!  Also having the film festival and flick it on movies would make one premiere very long!

  • Allanah King

    How many people did you get along last time? Will the Suter be able to fit everyone?

  • Kelliem

    2010 we filled the Muritai centre at Tahunanui -maybe about 150 people? Emma-what do you reckon? I would say Suter would be about the same (will check though!)

    Em -do you mean 2 premieres (one for each stage) so have 2nd July for the film fest and late term 3 or early term 4 for the Flick it on! part?

    * Kirsten suggested Friday 24th and then again 2nd July (for the Film Festival) might mean each one has less attendance.

  • Emma Watts

    I think we should do two (one for each stage)  I think we can still get a good audience for both.  Probably do the 'flick it on' early in Term 4.  I think having 2 will promote the second stage and give students and teachers something to aim for once back at school :) Keep the fire burning!