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This year the French Department at Matamata College is using Myportfolio with the Year 11. The kids use it and like it. As a teacher I especially like the Forum function as I can write to all my students important notices. Not only the students get it within Myportfolio itself but also get an email.

Unfortunately a lot of my students do not check their emails regularly. I need to remind them to check them which is totally unpractical for me . So for the last few weeks I use School Links. It allows me to text my students and let them know that something new has happened. Most of the time I only tell them to check the forum Tongue out to read longer notices - the SMS fonction on School Links only allows you to type 160 characters.

I do not need to use my own mobile phone, which is brilliant for me as I do not have any mobile reception at home. I can text from my computer from anywhere.