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e-Literacy: Other worlds: To infinity and beyond with digital tools in the middle years.

Cross posted from Bridging the Gap Cluster Blog

If you are interested in e-literacy then Lizzie Chase is an Australian educator whose work you should follow.

Lizzie has "written a series of free downloadable English lessons at Other Worlds http://otherworlds.yolasite.com for upper primary and lower secondary students, integrating Web 2.0 tools into student responses to 12 books, so that they can create multimedia texts. There is a focus on research skills, digital storytelling and visual arts tools."

If you are looking for ways to explore the e in e-literacy without losing sight of the literacy this is a great site to start looking

Lizzie suggests starting with TOOLS and TIPS - guides for featured Web 2.0 tools. There are some we have already been working with and others that will be new.