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Starting Google Docs

  This year we are initiating the use of google docs (finally, I hear you say!). It is one of those things that has been on the back-burner for a while now but we are going to kick off with them next term with all our meeting minute documentation. With our recent server upgrade we haven't been too concerned with documents filling up space however the other benefits of this step into cloud computing are so obvious that we are going to get into it - step by step! Once teachers become familiar with the basics of GDocs, we will shift more over to the cloud for ease of editing, collaboration, and accessibility.

It is a strategic decision to incorporate this slowly; a) we want to get it right, b) we want staff on board and having ownership of this - piece by piece should be easier to engage and also offer assistance with one thing at a time, c) although our server is a big grunter, it is becoming full and somewhat confusing to navigate around, and d) it's 2012 and change is good!

I put together a basic crib sheet (teachers love step by step stuff don't they??) that I will give out, as well as a demo, at the first staff meeting next term.

Google Docs Sheet.docx 


  • Jacqui Frost

    As a recent convert to google docs I can really recommend it. The best thing about it is being able to access documents anywhere, anytime.

  • Tony Greer

    We now use Google Docs for;

    • Staff meeting minutes
    • Team minutes
    • Management meetings
    • Curriculum meetings
    • ESOL Team
    • Special Needs - T/A minutes
    • The principal and DP also have collections open where people can collaborate and add to documents. 

    Our teacher aides have requested (and now had) some PD on the use of GDocs and are now up and running with using them which is great.

    Staff are aware of and using the benefits like adding comments, reading minutes from afar and keeping up to date as well as adding to things from home.

    A subtle but significant change that is working effectively and has exposed staff to a new way of doing things with benefits.