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Visit from Mary

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By Louise Comments (4)

I have just had a worthwhile session with Mary Rivers and used this time to revisit some of the web2 tools currently being used in school. We also had an interesting meeting with the tekids who have stated that they are bored with the cluster meetings. they feel that they are filled with talking and not enough input by them, they would like to see some fun stuff being done. We got them to do a bubble map using spicynodes of their thinking which we have placed on the mantar wiki. What are your thoughts on this, do you have the same issues within your schools. 


  • Tony Greer

    Yes! I had a follow up session with Mary afterwards. Re TEKids: It is great that the 'student voice' is coming through - loud and clear in some instances! They have raised some valid points and I think we need to listen and reflect on the way we are doing it. Although we can't always be doing just the 'blingy', fun stuff we certainly need to keep them fired up, wanting to come back and also wanting to be actively involved back at school. Their frustrations of not having enough time to try out new things and not enough input from them are very real.

    How do we get the balance of keeping these 21st C learners motivated (in a short time frame) and not too bogged down in lots of reflection and discussion?

    Relevant reflection will not happen without relevant learning experiences that they are fired up about. They know how to do a PMI now, time to move on..??

  • Mary Rivers

    Unfortunately we are unable to embed the spicynodes brainstorm within the VLN but you can see it by clicking on this link here: http://mantartekids.wikispaces.com/   I am sure this will create a robust discussion when the Lead Teachers meet in a couple of weeks.

  • Kate Dare

    We are trying to squeeze too much into sessions. I wonder if we need to do a PMI and a group reflection. Do we need two lots of reflections? Can reflections also be a job to do back at school rather than in our valuable session time? This would rely on teachers giving children time to do this back at school and checking that this is done.

  • Louise

    Yes I agree that we are trying to fit to much into our sessions, we must offer these kids the chance to self manage more and reflect back at school. If we don't make the sessions at St James interesting we will lose the kids enthusiasium for being a Tekid and that would be a shame. I am sure that time could be allocated back at school and this would be a good solution time wise.