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Personal Learning Goal ICT

The Workshop at St James was great. The One on Digital storytelling has inspired me and I have decided to use this as my ICT /Elearning Goal. I want my children (as part of their writing programme) to be able to use this tool. Can't wait to get started and see what they can come up with. :)

To acheive my goal I will have to check out the digital learning sites and tools provided at the course and with my children spend some time exploring options and ideas. Find out what tools we may need. Look for resources and show my children examples of digital stories that have been made by other children.

How will I know if I have acheived this?

My children will be sucessfully using the programme and producing their own stories and sharing them with the class and their parents on our Blogsite.



wendy Bevan

Kia Ora I am teaching at Somerset Crescent school in Palmerston North, I am teaching a year three class and I am loving it.This year I am teaching Years 2-3. Also have taken on Reading recovery training. Huge learning curve.