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Using iPads at Mayfair

We have a large focus on literacy, writing particularly for our teacher inquiry development.  All teachers have a different focus. Our year 4 class find motivation an 'issue', particularly our boys.  So the teacher in this room is using ipads to record their stories on garage band (at this point it's after drafting with some and initial with others).  She's also getting her kids to share writing on the blog, giving other classes and our principal a chance to comment.  Kids love hearing their stories 'come alive' and really enjoy getting comments, particulalry from Rohan.  It's a great use of sharing and this age group are coping with it really well.  (l'll post the link when I find it lol)


  • Chrissie Butler

    Hi Lynley. If you have any photos to illustrate any of these stories, it would be great to post them here or just hit "edit" in your post and add them to your story.

    You will need to check your consents for sharing photos of students, but it would be so cool to see what "coming alive" looks like.

    If loading the photos is a bit tricky, just holla and we'll give you a hand.