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Using ICTs to support our Māori learners

Tēnā koutou,

You may already have seen this great new website - Te Mangōroa - that has just been launched to explore what Ka Hikitia might look like in action. For more information, check out the TMoA group in the VLN.

With our e-learning hats on, how might technology enhance the way we are deliberately supporting Māori learners? To get us started, here are some e-learning-related stories from the site:

Are there any other useful snapshots on TKI or wider that you use that would be useful for us all to share?


  • Ed Strafford

    Ngā mihi nui ki a koe Justin.

    My old team worked to design and set up this site, so your support and ramping up the digital perspective is really appreciated!!

    kia pai tōu rā, Ed

  • Justin Roberts

    Kia ora Ed

    You guys did a great job in developing this site - targeted at the right sector given the high number of Māori students in English medium.

    Thanks also Karen for drawing our attention to how e-learning can support our Māori learners :-)

  • Raina Te Ture

    Kia ora e hoa, it's great to see the use of ICT enhance, motivate and innovate learning in an authentic context in relation to Te Reo Maori. I'm going to borrow that idea and initiate this concept into my programme so that my students have opportunities to upload clips in Te Reo Maori for their mainstream peers-students & teachers.  

  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    Janelle Riki and Suzie Vesper hosted a really valuable webinar, Digital resources and content for Māori learners today. You can watch the webinar online, from the Webinar recordings page in the Enabling e-Learning community.

    This practical session illustrates the huge range of Māori resources in Digistore, provides ideas for their use in the classroom, and introduces the catalogue of Māori resources which can be used to find Māori resources easily within Digistore. 

    Useful links to lots of great Māori resources shared by Suzie and Janelle. The Māori related resources page in the Digistore wiki links to:

    • the Catalogue of Māori resources they have put together to make it easy for you to find Māori resources in Digistore
    • a series of Digistore Learning paths designed around Māori related content 
    • several Delicious stacks with Māori resources collected from around the web
  • Jane Armstrong Bos

    On Enabling e-Learning on the Māori resources page is a great video clip from Te Kura o Tiori Burnham School explaining how and why they set up Taha Māori @ Te Kura o Tiori as part of their school website. This part of their site contains links and resources for building te reo and tikanga Māori. This page also list some useful sites for supporting teaching and learning using ICTs.

    What is happening in your schools? What e-learning tools and strategies are you using to engage Māori students, build te reo and tikanga Māori, and improve learning outcomes? It would be great to share ideas and resources here.


  • Moana Timoko

    Kia ora koutou

    I participated in the Webinar - Digital resources and content for Māori Learners - mentioned above by Jane Armstrong and it was awesome!  I managed to check out a few resources and they were great!  I need to get back in there to explore again and would like to encourage others to do so as well!!!


  • Tessa Gray

    Ohhh I missed the webinar unfortunately, but will definitely go and view/listen and get inspired.

    Yesterday teachers were enthralled by the great resources (animations and digital stories) created by a primary and secondary students for the Nati Awards/Te Rangitawaea Festival in YouTube. Sharing digital excellence by Māori for Māori is also motivational spring-board.

    There are also some ICT PD reflective summaries worth reading - in relation to Māori achieving success as Māori through ICTs.

  • Tessa Gray

    Here’s an interesting read, How do we design for Māori and Pacific learners?

    This article is pitched at tertiary education sector on effective e-learning practices - when responding to Māori and Pasific learner needs. Most notably, understanding cultural identity and diversity and the pedagogical concepts for Māori and Pasific learners. Such as:

    • understanding kaupapa Māori and Pacific approaches to teaching and learning (through the use of technology)
    • designing and delivering courses that motivate, inspire and meet Māori, Pacific learners needs by using content and material that reflects the learners cultural diversity
    • understanding and incorporation of Māori pedagogy in an online, blended way and drawing, “on tikanga and kaupapa Māori for a range of approaches and philosophies to apply to teaching.”

    Clear, succinct read with some great prompters to think about. Thank you Anne Sturgess for sharing this link.

  • Tessa Gray

    Sorry for the cross-posting, but didn't want to lose the rich kōrero from across the VLN about, Maori achieving success as Māori (with an e-learning lens).

    I've started a thread on, What exactly does 'Māori achieving success as Māori' look like? over in the Learning with Digital Technologies for Māori and Pasifika Learners group which makes references Waerenga o Kuri using the e-Learning Planning Framework and a Māori achieving success as Māori (MASAM) Framework tool for self review.

    Tamara Bell asks, What does Māori enjoying educational success as Māori mean to you? and Anne Kenneally has created a Literacy Online page, Māori Success as Māori with references to resources to support Māori literacy in the classroom.

    Koia kei!

    Anyone else have more to share?