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Welcome to our children's future - lets think about IT ! (A Day with Glass)

We worry about the speed of change and often talk about not knowing what the future will bring for our children (as if that could be a reason for keeping the status quo). In fact, we're constantly getting plenty of glimpses ahead. Here's one of them ... a place where we can communicate instantly and widely, share our ideas thru images, gather information as we need it and make complicated choices. Not too different to what we can do 2day - just a bit smoother.



  • Deanne Ross

    This would be a good video to show at a parent evening to get people to look at 21st Century possibilities and may give an indication of the challenges we face in teaching as we try to prepare children for a future very different from ours.

    (Barbara & Dee - Orini)

  • Rob Haddock

    I've used this clip at staff meeting and embedded it on our staff wiki. I hope someone is working on creating earthquake resistant glass!

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Coalface Learning Community

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