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Introducing Pato Fu and an example of a videosong

A wonderfully wacky video by Pato Fu from Brazil, demonstrating a videosong - "The rules for videosongs can be summed up as what you hear is what you get: the sounds MUST be seen in the video, no lip-syncing allowed".

This would be a great challenge for either a team meeting or a class music project.

What to do:


  • gather lots of children's toys, 
  • a digital camera for each group
  • choose a really familiar song or make up a little song
  • establish a click track (a regular rhythm)
  • plan out who and what is going to play each part - check out the 2nd video on this "Making of" from Pato Fu
  • record your hearts out, section by section
  • download and cut togther using Movie Maker or iMovie
  • and with a little more twiddling, you have a videosong


 JUST LIKE THAT!!!! Well that's the concept, but could be really fun. I'll post again when I've had a go.

Here is more info on Videosongs and some hipper examples for learners who warm to hipper contexts.

Cheers to Rebecca for sending me the link last night.


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