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Videos for PD

Introduction to Videos for PD

Welcome to Videos for PD. You can share here any videos that you think are good spring boards for discussion with both colleagues and student learners.

The most important thing is to carefully tag your videos. That way we can make a useful contribution across the VLN.

How can you help make this a group tick?


  • Add a video in a blog post and tag it
  • Upload the same video as a resource (I think that will add it to the resources repository). Make "Video" the first word of your title (then people can see straight away what it is), then add it's real title, e.g. "Video: The Power of Words"
  • If you have watched one of the videos in the blog and you have some feedback for the next viewer, be brave and share your thoughts.
  • If you find a video with a transcript, this is an example of best practice and should be noted.
NB: A transcript is where the text of the video has been written separately, so you can read it in your own time. Subtitles are great, but if you are watching the images and reading the text but can't hear the audio, having a transcript to read before or after watching the video can be really valuable.
Video resources for PD

Video resources for PD

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