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Lead Teachers Group Reflection Term 2 Week 2

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By Kate Dare Comments (3)

Today's session was a follow on from a previous session. Children were using web 2.0 tool to publish their research. One of the important aspects from today was that children realised that they couldn't just use any old web 2.0 tool. They needed to be selective. Children realised they need to manage themselves and save their work as they go along, and remember where they have saved it. Children also commented in their PMI that they needed to be more specific with thier questioning and searching. All these are important skills that need to be taught in the classroom.


  • Maria

    Our TeKids sessions have become like the layers of an onion, each time we are adding and refining, whilst our students are gaining skills and confidence. Great session, thanks, Louise

  • Louise

    It was interesting that dispite offering web 2 tool the tekids commented that using powerpoint was still easier. i wonder how we can change this.

  • Lead Teacher reflection

    It was a great session. I am looking forward to working through and unpacking the different stages of inquiry during our future TeKids sessions - allowing us as teachers and the students time to process these stages, providing time for high order thinking, and enabling relflective and critical learners.