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Let's keep this learning network alive!!!

Okay so I feel like we have kind of forgotten about this learning group and since we don't meet very often we hardly ever get to just say - this is what I've been doing... Or what have you been doing... 


SO.... here is me....

This week on our mimio software I am getting the children to know the tools more, kind of knicked an idea from Danella..... the children are using the pen tool to (a) change colour and (b) use thin and thick lines. Not rocket science but.... they have all just done scribbles, really not an actual picture and have written their name. My aim for next week is to get them drawing a picture to go with a piece of writing. 


Another thing I am working on is having one of my reading or maths tasks based around the digital camera... so like taking photos of things that start with the letter we are focussing  BUT before i do I want the children to earn a license for using the camera... well a license that means they are responsible for being able to take the camera outdoors for taking photos, so they can do so without me. Will let you know how I get on. Got this from Rachel Boyd. You might be interested in her video about elearning and juniors that I have found and will bookmark on the bookmark page.

Lastly, lets get our kids viewing and commenting on each others blogs.

Have bookmarked mine here too...


Love to you all (: Jac


  • Danella Smallridge

    Awesome Jac,

    You are a star!

    This week my 5 year olds have been designing Royal Wedding Outfits using activinspire drawing tools and cut-outs of Kate and Williams faces.  It is hilarious fun.

    We have been slack so far this term and our digi camera is gathering dust on the shelf.  I like your letter sound idea.  I think I feel an abc dvd/slide show coming on.  The kids would get a kick out of making their own... It would be cool to post it on the web when we are done.  Watch this space!

  • Rachael

    Cheers Jac, Great clip!  Rachel Boyd is always really useful. 

  • Rachael

    My kids have been using the mimio to do rainbow words for spelling at reading time.  They have enjoying experimenting with colours and lines also. Experimenting like this has improved their general writing on the mimio.

  • Jacalyn Tapp

    that sounds interesting Danella - love to see the pics of kate and william. oh and rainbow writing - cool idea will try that...

    Have been looking at Jacqui sharpe's ict blog tonight and she talking about elearning classrooms (for older) but has like tick sheets where children say what they have completed... would love to try something similar - am thinking that i don't want them always writing their story on the mimio and maybe that was a step too far, spelling first, pictures to go with publishing, same with blog maybe using as a publishing forum instead.. would love to have um publishing box/board that children select ways they will publish.... book, computer, blog, kidpix, whiteboard. Ms Sharpe has some cool examples of these too. Used to do that in my old school but back then it was all paper... mmmm watch this space... 

    Perhaps I should teach older children.... 

    jacqui sharpe


  • Jacalyn Tapp

    p.s. i think that is the key - what are we doing now that we could do on puters... well for our age group anyway - some of the stuff i see that I love is too high fluting, good for whole class or teacher directed.... Innocent


  • Rachael

    I agree Jac, I see so many things I would like to try, but getting the basics right might be the key!  Rachel's video reinforced this.

    I like her idea about creating class experts.  I have done this in the past but could get back into this. Maybe giving them an experts pass like your camera pass could give them some more ownership in the classroom.

  • Jacalyn Tapp

    I have had monitors - but haven't liked it - cos you know they are normally all in the same reading writing or maths group!!! i like the experts pass, badge, sign or something... could have a laminated sheet and once they are expert in something they go up... giving all an opportunity to be expert in something... mmmm will think and experiment. love Taylah's story. Are u using google reader??