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CantaNet student videos

Our eDean COP put these video together (one made by the students) detailing what it is like being an eStudent.  They are designed to provide new students some idea of what the experience is like.



  • Rachel Whalley

    Thanks for sharing Darren. What other strategies do schools and clusters use to prepare their students for learning online?

    For the VLN Primary we run Taster Classes, so students and schools who are thinking about joining a class can come and see how it works by being involved in a session. I have tried to make it a requirement for all students enrolling in classes but it has been really hard to organise them all in before their real online classes start (a bit like herding cats really!)

    When I worked with TaraNet we would organise our students to meet with more experience elearning students from other clusters so they could learn more from them. This also helped break the ice for them in connecting with others online. 

    The student presentation from the NZCER research findings was also very useful to run through and discuss with students as they prepared to become online learners.

    A few years ago as a community we created a module for students to support them as online learners, (still in the old vln site) it would be great to spend some time reworking this and making it accessible for them.

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The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

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