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TeKids Term 1 Week 5

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By Kate Dare

We started today with an ice breaker, the children still need more of these activities to get to know eachother better - this will allow them to improve their communication and support eachother.

Today's session focused on Creative Commons and using different search engines. It was interesting that some children saw Google as the "official" search engine not controlled by people. Also connected to this. it would be interesting to explore with children what the internet actually is - do some of them not realise that it is controlled by people? Children are starting to get an understanding of Creative Commons, but will need to revisit this thoughout the year. Children will also need to revisit types of questioning as some children are still not secure in their knowledge of asking open questions.

Children reflected honestly on the search engines, justifying their thoughts, and they also reflected on how they needed to refine searches.

Next time, we would like to build on this and focus pedagogically on refining searches and in later sessions triangulating information by cross-checking information from different websites.

We also would like to utilise the knowledge of other schools in the area and invite them to come and teacher the TeKids about green screening at some point this year.