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Tony's Visit to NCA

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By Chris

At NCA we had the awesome opportunity to have Tony Ryan with us for an afternoon. I was excited as it was probably one of the few times we have had this type of calibre in our school. I released the Senior management team to talk with him.

THe purpose of his vist to us was to look at our newly implemented curriculum that was a result of LOADS of hard work and talking by all!

Tony then talked through some coaching of difficult discussions that would come up as a result of the curriculum. He gave us all the opportunity to practice with each other, there were 4 of us, and since this time it has been used on several occaisions! Not just on difficult discussions.

The questions that he taught us to use are:

What do you need to achieve?

What is presently happening?

What could you do?

What will you do?

How and when will you do it?

How will you keep this going?


He also went through some of the self talk that teachers go through. The first question that they often ask is, Whats In It For Me (WIIFM). This was discussed at length and I have thought about this, especially around the building that we want to commence here.

So what for NCA as a result of the visit from Tony!

Through discussion we have decided that we are going to use the coaching model when talking with staff. We are also going to encourage staff to not let others put 'their' monkeys (issues) on our backs, rather use the coaching model.

We have also begun reflecting on the best way to ensure that the NCA curriculum is followed and implemented. We do have reflective questions throughout our curriculum and it will be the SMT's responsibility to follow this up.

All in all, it was a great time! The areas learnt we see having a direct influence on effective taching and learning!