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Nayland walkthrough from NCA teachers

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By Chris


ITC Visit to Nayland 3/3/11

Ruth and Bridget attended. A twenty minute talk was given in the staffroom before thirty five minutes of visiting classrooms. The following e-learning tools were observed:

  • Lexia Primary
  • Kidpix
  • Blogging- link between home and school

 Interesting ideas that were presented:

  • The ICT teacher was released one day per week in order to support each classroom teacher in the pursuit of either a personal ITC goal or a classroom ITC goal.
  • The teachers were given the opportunity to give up one day of their holidays (reimbursed during the term time) to assist a community ITC programme run from the school for school families who may not normally have access to training or a computer.
  • Setting up of clubs to cater for children with specific interests in computer e.g. digital photography, iMovie, (These kids aspire to become "TECH-XPERTS")
  • Trolley of pods available for teachers to book
  • Knowledge-Net (called Horace), a safe portal to access information

 The teachers that went were really pleased that we were doing similar things. They were excited to see that Nayland had the flatscreens as well! NCA leading the way!