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Here is a quick look at the survey results that came about as a consequence of your responses to the Tony Ryan's 'in school'  visit survey. 

Have a look and post your analysis or thoughts as a comment to this entry.







  • Chris Herrick

    Smile This was obviously a significant event in the 'life of the cluster'. The move from abstract interactions to more concrete ones proved very relevant within the different settings. Within the context of our setting, the timing was superb.

  • Isaac Day

    I have to agree Chris.  The timing for us was also briliant and helped us reflect and focus on the areas which needed to continue... The coaching model employed was useful, transparent and allowed us to come up with the plans and strategies. Smile

  • Chris

    I agree with you both. I think the timing of Tony couldn't have been better. Our team is now in the right place to take on board what Tony presents. They are ready and non defensive about their own practice so therefore take on board what is pertinent to them! Great effort team!