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Multiple mentors: who are yours?

Throughout my life and particularly in my teaching and learning career I have been really lucky to have found a handful of mentors who have nudged my thinking and challenged the way I see the world.

In the video below, Howard Gardner talks about the value of finding those people and our responsibility to pass on that experience of connection and learning to others.


  • Anne Sturgess

    Chrissie - that's so true. My whole approach to teaching is the result of the influence of people who have intentionally and unintentionally provoked, challenged and changed my thinking and practice - and I'm so grateful to them! One of my early influencers was Professor Feuerstein who said, when speaking about students with special needs, "Don't accept me as I am - help me grow into the person I can become." James Chapman, a mentor to whom I will always be grateful, said "Protecting children from failure serves no good educational purpose. Learning how to handle failure is an important life skill." Like you, I am fortunate to have a handful of mentors who take the time and effort to challenge my thinking; they engage in discussion and debate, not to elevate their own status but to grow others - that's teaching.

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