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Inquiry and e-Learning TOD

TOD e-Learning

Teacher Only Day started the year off diving head first into some professional learning based around our school's e-Learning with a main focus on Inquiry Learning.

  • For the e-Learning section we re-visited some of the good ideas raised last year and reminded ourselves about improving what we are doing whilst not throwing in a whole lot more new stuff - time to consolidate and refine the things we have tried and were successful. The message came out in our teacher survey last year that sometimes staff felt exposed to lots of new things but weren't given time to really integrate good new learning. We also spent a little time signing up our staff to the VLN so the cluster commitments of reflection could be carried out. More PD will happen for the staff soon. Another important aspect was gaining from the teachers what their expectations were for our TEKids (cluster-wide e-learning extension group) within our school. This discussion will help assist how we better structure this group and raise their profile within school.
  • Inquiry Learning was the big focus and the perfect opportunity for me to share some of the learning I gained from ULearn 11. The key ideas were the focus on the "learning" aspect and creating authentic and meaningful tasks and contexts for our learners. We started with the 'big question' of; "Why do we do Inquiry?" The teachers responses then became our school success criteria for Inquiry. We tackled other questions/wonderings like what is good learning?, is prescribing topics really inquiry? and does your classroom allow for authenic learning? We also re-visited our school Learning Fale and e-Learning blueprint and framework which were established last year.                                                                                                          

 Lots was covered but it generated good discussion and thinking and bought our school-wide 21stC Learning to the forefront of everyones thoughts and planning! more detailed evidence of what we covered can be seen in the link at the top of the page.