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Leaving Nothing to Chance, written by Karin Chenoweth. Education Leadership/Nov 2010

What Key Issues emerge from this reading?

  • Key catch phases. Inspect what you expect. Relentlessly respect and Respectfully relentless.
  • Key ideas - Student performance and achievement and teacher peformance and expectations.
  • Identifying effective leadership methods to best aid the students in their learning journeys. having the balance between what the teachers want and want their students need.

How do the writer's views match with our own experiences/beliefs?

  • Understanding the team members need balance, some of the principals expectations within this  article seemed unfair, in regards to extra classroom duties.
  • There is a high degree of accountability for the teachers. Can we support our teachers to meet these expectations.
  • If we don't follow through with having high expectations ourselves, them how can we expect from our students?  
  • We need to find the balance between being supportive to students and expecting the best from them.
  • We find alot of the article aligns with our experiences and we discussed how the principals must have good leadership to buy into the higher expectations.

Does the reading confirm our existing practice in teaching in the 21st Century?

  • Yes, partially.
  • The student achievment focus and the delegation.  
  • Praising your staff and encouraging. 
  • Using assessment data as good teaching practice. 
  • Except does it emcompass all students, is it's focus solely academic? 
  • How important are the key competencies within these assessment practices.

How the reading challenge our leadership practice?

  • To be more aware of our leadership styles and having to have high expectations.
  • Delegation
  • Inspect the expectations
  • Offer supportive
  • Fostering an environment that supports collaborative learning and learning.

Do we want to use the ideas in this reading? How could we take this further?

  • Yes, to use the leadership skills mentioned.  Adapting them to suit our teaching environments and our own personalities. 
  • To never let the standards slip because we are busy.