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Tony Ryan meets 'Horace' the Thinking Grid.

Our session with Tony was inspiring, enlightening and provocative Smile

We decided to have the syndicate leaders and eLearning lead teachers for the Whakatu and link Learning clusters at this meeting. As a Leadership Forum we had begun developing a format to link together the Key Competencies, Habits of Mind, Blooms Taxonomy, Cognitive organisers  to support staff in planning and using effective 21st Century learning.

Tony asked us provocative questions and allowed us to search deep into our vision to question the way we are ensuring intellectual rigor in our programmes.

Teachers left the session feeling like they had been both challenged and supported, with pedagogical and practical ideas for the future.

There has already been developments in the classrooms with teachers using 'coding' to develop student awareness of, and reflection on,  the Habits of Mind.

We are going back to the thinking grid and having another look through a new and more provocative lens.


  • Karen Spencer

    This is an exciting account of some great work going in your school, Kellie. Are you part of the ICT-PD programme?

  • BecPower

    I am totally keen to look more into the 'coding' work that we did with Tony at NPS, and was more intrigued when he talked at the lead teacher meeting about the K.C's having coding for thinking in a digital environment.  I like the idea of getting together as a cluster (Whakatu, Link Learning or both) and teasing out the K.C's in this way.

    Kellie - if you keep calling it Horace, Horace it wil be!


  • Kelliem

    Hi Karen, Yes I am the elearning leader at Nayland Primary School and am in my third year of the Whakatu ICT cluster.

    I had a bit of a co-constructed epiphany with Janice Gulbransen (principal) on Friday when talking about coding, eCompetencies and developing tech-xperts at NPS. What if we built coding for  digital surface features and digital deeper features (asTTle matrix)?

    I listened to Sylvia Martinez present her keynote at Learning@Schools where TechYES students check online projects using a checklist (surface features) and then the teacher could focus on the deeper features...Digital Deeper features! hmmmm......

  • Allanah King

    I've been having a little play with http://www.mindmeister.com/maps/show/82445768 for sharing how we might link Web2 to KC.

    It doesn't embed on the VLN. It would be great to have a pro account so we could all work on it together.

    I only have a free account so can only share collaboratively with five people.

    Rumour has it that someone esle has alreaday done a similar thing.

    Does anyone know of it??




  • Isaac Day

    Kellie, can you let us know a little about the wonder wall changes you made as a result of Tony's visit?  I like how this focussed the questions and really enjoyed its application during the recent walkthrough.


  • Isaac Day

    I really like the 'coding' approach, we too are looking at building this into our learning principles.  It helps to promote some dialogue and discussion around these things and may prove to be valuable for students self assessment/evaluation.

    Nice work Nayland - Glad to hear it went well  Smile