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The G.Caƒe

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By che luke

The G.Cafe was designed to deliver elearning professional development and learning in a relevant and engaging context.
It has taken considerable time and effort to produce but most of this has been arranged within the cluster contract.  
The delivery of this presentation was unique in itself as attendees were engaged with google documents before they arrived at the presentation.  Attendees contributed to documents and participated before they arrived.  This pre-assessment strategy was well received as was the presentation itself.

The G.Caƒe will run again this year in the second term.  Looking to further it's horizon the event is scheduled for two days and a possible third day being opened during the weekend for the general public to attend.  Are you interested.  Drop us a line (contact on the official blogsite) http://geniuscafe10.blogspot.com/

If you would like a personal touch why not drop us an invitation to workshop our interactive presentation in your school.  We could visit your school for a day/halfday on Principal/BOT approval.  Let's get negotiating :)