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Apple iBooks Author - providing options for learners

If you have not yet discovered the Apple iBooks Author app, it's worth a look. The video below gives a succinct overview of it's potential.

For me, one of the most exciting things the iBooks Author app offers is the ease with which we can create resources which model Universal Design for Learning principles: 

  • Text, audio, video and image together, providing multiple options for representation and engagement. 
  • Enlarge pictures and text so we can get up close.
  • Re-play videos so we can repeat and revisit ideas. 
  • Listen to the text read aloud by Apple's built-in screen reader, Voice Over. 

And if we embrace the following guidelines:

  1. How to make your ibooks accessible - an Apple help page
  2. Using styles - link to Apple iBook Author video "Using styles section"

And pass them on to everyone we know, we will be modeling those inclusive skills we know will make a concrete difference to lots of users.


  • Tamara Bell 

    Ngā mihi nui mō tēnei Chrissie, thanks for putting the clip and the guidelines in one place, I definately will be referring to them often and sharing them with my clusters.  Laughing