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e-Learning Round-Up | 13 February 2012

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By Tessa Gray

Kia ora and welcome to the latest digest of e-learning activity from across the VLN Groups. Some group members are now freely adding resources, sharing ideas and experience in discussion threads, related to the dimensions within the e-Learning Planning Framework.  We encourage you to contribute to the discussions in the Enabling e-Learning groups as well as sending us a message on Twitter and Facebook.

Have a great week.

KarenTessaJane & Nick |  Blended e-Learning Online Team



Badge for e-Member of the Week

This week it's ... Fiona Robertson

Fiona is a new entrant teacher at Carlton School in Wanganui, who is currently the lead E-learning teacher. Fiona has been sharing her experiences with starting up one-to-one computer classes with juniors in her school.


Each week, we like to say thank you by nominating a community member for active participation in the Enabling e-Learning / VLN Groups. They can download and add an Enabling e-Learning badge to their profile.



e-Learning in the VLN Groups 

red spiral logoLeadership


The revised e-Learning Planning Framework: What’s changed? 
A brief overview on developments of the e-Learning Planning Framework based on community consultation and sector feedback. For all e-Learning Planning Framework resources, go to http://www.elearning.tki.org.nz/Professional-learning/e-Learning-Planning-Framework2


imageNeed more resources for e-Learning and Leadership?  Check out the Enabling e-Learning website.



imageProfessional Learning  


How will you lead PD in your school this year? An Edtalks video by Jo Wilson.
Bookmarked by Diane Henderson


EduCampNZ Takeaways
While various regions finalise Educamp days for 2012, here's an EdTalks video to whet your appetite.

imageNeed more resources for e-Learning and Professional Learning?  Check out the Enabling e-Learning website.



image Teaching and Learning  |  Digital Citizenship 


What are the plans for e-learning in your school in 2012?
One teacher shares how they are setting up one-to-one classrooms for juniors.

One World Project
Invitation for NZ schools to join. An opportunity to video conference also. Suitable younger students



Lighting the Kindle Fire
Allanah King shares some insight into the educative potential of the Kindle Fire on her blog. 

iPads can't improve learning without good teaching
Schools are enouraged to thoroughly think through how technologies such as iPads will enhance the teaching and learning process. Bookmarked by Barbara Reid.


6 Technologies That Will Shape Higher Ed
Latest findings and trends from the Horizon Report: 2012 Higher Education Edition. Bookmarked by Nick Ford.


Personalised learning and flexible learning spaces
This thread discusses ways to create personalised learning environments with links to What are the plans for e-learning in your school in 2012?



kokachrissy asks if anyone has an assessment checklist or template around using ICT tools, that they'd like to share. 

imageNeed more resources for e-Learning and TeachingCheck out the Enabling e-Learning website.



Green swirly logoTechnologies


iPad/iTouch technology

Connect iPad via VGA connector to projector
Bookmarked by Allanah King


On-going conversations on Re:App Sharing


imageNeed more resources for e-Learning and TechnologiesCheck out the Enabling e-Learning website.



imageBeyond the Classroom


Advice for Parents of 1:1 Programs | The Thinking Stick
Advice for parents of children who are always connected to one device or other. Bookmarked by Allanah King.



CalendarEnabling e-Learning Events

We are now confirming the online professional development series for term 1. Watch this space! Invite a colleague to join you in Enabling e-Learning so they don't miss out.



How to use Enabling e-Learning communities / VLN Groups - 24 February, 12.45pm-1.15pm.
Have you just joined the VLN Groups and/or Enabling e-Learning? Feeling a little lost? Then join Karen Melhuish in this lunchtime online workshop.


Enabling e-Learning webinars
Find the recordings here of 2011 sessions you may have missed.


Other events 

Ignition: 2012 Emerging Leaders' Unconference
16 Apr 2012 - 17 Apr 2012 at Albany Senior High School, Auckland. 

DEANZ Conference 2012
Open, flexible and distance learning, 11 Apr 2012 - 13 Apr 2012.

EduCamp series 2012
EduCampAKL 2012 date/venue confirmed (21st July). Other dates and venues are going up on the EduCamp home page.