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e-Learning Round-Up | 7 February 2012

Kia ora and welcome to this week's digest of e-learning activity from across the VLN Groups. Our digest each week is organised around the dimensions of the e-Learning Planning Framework - and those same dimensions that are used in the Enabling e-Learning website on TKI. Let us know how you are using the planning framework this year.

Welcome, too, to all our new members and followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Have a great week.

Karen, Tessa, Jane & Nick |  Blended e-Learning Online Team



Badge for e-Member of the Week

This week it's ... Dave Winter

Dave is part of the Connected Cluster and often shares useful resources, including the one below related to effective Maths teaching and learning.

Each week, we like to say thank you by nominating a community member for active participation in the Enabling e-Learning / VLN Groups. They can download and add an Enabling e-Learning badge to their profile.




e-Learning in the VLN Groups




Innovate! Collective Wisdom from Innovative Schools, by Sean Tierney
Shared by Liz Stevenson, this book, when published, will offer collective wisdom from a raft of innovative schools from around the world.

Never been talked about...
A discussion about potential inequalities in access to technologies, in BYOD schools.
Welcome back to 2012 to ICT PD schools
A welcome and overview from Tessa Gray.
The happy secret to better work: Shawn Achor
Shawn Achor's TEDx video in which he shares a few of the really simple strategies he introduces to companies and schools. Via Chrissie Butler.



Need more resources for e-Learning and Leadership?  
Check out the Enabling e-Learning website.



imageProfessional Learning  


Chance to promote the work of VLN at the DEANZ conference
Derek Wenmoth shares the opportunities on offer for the community.
EduCampNZ Takeaways
Just added: an EdTalks video to whet your appetite:

VLN Primary - what's coming up
Rachel Roberts shares the online learning opportunities.

How will you lead PD in your school this year?
A new video from Jo Wilson to stimulate your ideas. Share an idea.

e-Learning professional development for schools in 2012
Information via Enabling e-Learning on TKI. 

Appraisals and technology
Further discussion on how ICTs can enhance your appraisal experience.



Need more resources for e-Learning and Professional Learning
Check out the Enabling e-Learning website.



image Teaching and Learning  |  Digital Citizenship 


What are the plans for e-learning in your school in 2012?
Teachers share their plans.

How do you like to be treated as learners?
If you were a learner, what five things would you want your teacher to know about you? 


Get the year started right: Personalise it
Getting Started with XtraMath -- for Teachers from XtraMath on Vimeo. Via Dave Winter.


NZTA Mash-Up Competition
Are your students legends?! Let them show you.


Personalised learning and flexible learning spaces
Discussing ways to create personalised learning environments, now featuring new video content.



Need more resources for e-Learning and Teaching?
Check out the Enabling e-Learning website.



Green swirly logoTechnologies


Is anyone using android devices with students?asked Simon Evans, and Gerard Macmanus shared Orewa college - suggested apps for andriod products

Broadband and the changing face of education
Doctor John Langley spoke on Firstline this morning about the changing face of education

Moodle hub update

Are you using the online pinboard -http://pinterest.com/ - with your students?
Share your ideas with Sam Cunnane


iPad/iTouch technology

iPads highlight need for tech-savvy teachers
Bookmarked by Gerard Macmanus

AirPlay Mirroring for iPads

Is the iPad the Correct Tool to Aid Learning in Education?| Innovative Scholar
Shared by Allanah King

On-going conversations on Re:App Sharing



Need more resources for e-Learning and Technologies?
Check out the Enabling e-Learning website.



imageBeyond the Classroom


What makes a good school – from a parent’s point of view?
Add to the discussion.

SpeakPipe - listen to your customers
Allanah shares a side bar widget for Blogger blogs that allows voice messages to be sent to your email address. A great way for parents to leave comments when they don't want to type. 



CalendarEnabling e-Learning Events

We are now confirming the online professional development series for term 1. Watch this space! Invite a colleague to join you in Enabling e-Learning so they don't miss out.

Enabling e-Learning webinars
Find the recordings here of 2011 sessions you may have missed.


Other events 

DEANZ Conference 2012
Open, flexible and distance learning, 11 Apr 2012 - 13 Apr 2012.

EduCamp series 2012
EduCampAKL 2012 date/venue confirmed (21st July). Other dates and venues are going up on the EduCamp home page.


  • Tamara Bell 

    I LOVE the the organisation of this pānui around the eLPF dimensions. Really effective and helpful, I cant wait to put my clusters onto this! To quote a well known, much loved online facilitator..."Yummy!"   Ka mau te wehi o koutou mahi!  Kiss

  • Karen Spencer

    Aku mihi nui ki a koe, Tamara, thank you so much for the feedback:-)