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Innovate! Collective Wisdom from Innovative Schools

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By liz Stevenson


This is a little gem of a book, an eLearning big picture edited by Sean Tierney - I showed it to a principal of a rural school not yet on the eLearning journey - (for 15 minutes while I took a phone call) and when I got off the phone he was beaming - saying "I really get it now!"

It will be available in the next couple of days through Amazon. The book description starts like this...

Innovative schools understand that the future is not someplace we are going to, but one that we consciously shape with our thoughts and our actions. Leaders of such schools also understand that there is no single magic formula that works, no step-by-step directions or recipes to forging pathways that take us into the future. What they are doing is innovating to explore possibilities…

and here's my review

What a breath of fresh air this book is!  One hundred and sixty four well designed pages – full of visual language - that actually do contain the collective wisdom from a raft of innovative schools from around the world.  I love the feel of the 5 minute chats with experts – Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Ken Robinson, Michael Fullan, Joan Dalton and many others. It’s an unusual style that works very nicely as they sandwich themselves in alongside snapshots of visionary schooling and a useful 21 step section on implementing 1 to 1 computing

If this makes the book sound as mercurial as its subject – this is the very point of its cleverness. It not only asks the reader to reflect on the future of learning but also to consider the very complexion and construction of how we write about (and visualise) it too.

A trap here could be to think that this is a book only for well resourced and well connected schools with highly experienced staff.  It seems not. The bird’s eye view across the eLearning landscape that this book affords is an excellent introduction to thinking strategically about the future of learning for anyone.