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e-Learning Round-Up | 9 January 2012

Welcome to the first round-up of 2012. Here’s hoping this finds you relaxed (or still relaxing!), and looking forward to the possibilities that a new year always brings.

There has been plenty of activity over Christmas and this round-up offers a summary of what’s been happening to get you up to speed.

>>>Thank you to everyone who completed our survey in December... here’s what you said.

We look forward to working with you this year in the VLN Groups network.

Karen M  |  Enabling e-Learning Community Co-Ordinator



Member of the week


Each week we'll profile someone who has made a valuable contribution to our e-Learning community. This week, it's....


  • Innes Kennard: Innes is an e-learning consultant, based in Masterton, who works with schools nationally and internationally. A teacher of 40+ years, he is still fascinated with the learning process and what makes and helps it tick.


e-Learning in the VLN Groups






Can a principal be a leader of e-learning without leading this themselves?
Check out the emerging views.

ICT in Schools Survey 2011 results
It includes results of developments into school ICT infrastructure, the use of networks, software, teaching applications, internet access and usage, ICT planning and funding, e-learning developments, professional development, and use of social software.


Resources for Going 1 - 1 in Schools, shared by Barbara Reid.
"It should be framed and supported as a whole-school learning initiative which will challenge as well as improve the ways ‘we do business’ at all levels in school." 



Need more resources for e-Learning and Leadership?
Check out the Enabling e-Learning website.




Professional Learning  



e-Learning Professional development for schools in 2012
Information via Enabling e-Learning on TKI. 

Appraisals and technology
Gerard Macmanus shares his appraisal experience and some thoughts around it.
How and why do you share knowledge?
Some thoughts from Karen Melhuish on the importance of sharing, as well as creating, information.


What happens to a cluster webspace once the ICTPD contract ends?
A wide-ranging discussion about sustainability and the archiving/curating of learning materials created during professional development.



Need more resources for e-Learning and Professional Learning?
Check out the Enabling e-Learning website.





Enabling e-Learning Events


Other events

Learning@School Conference - Energise Enlighten, Extend and Empower: (26-27 January 2012)


Open content licensing for educators workshop (#OCL4Ed)
A free online workshop designed for educators who want to learn more about open education resources, copyright, and creative commons licenses. 23 Jan 2012 - 27 Jan 2012.


DEANZ Conference 2012
Open, flexible and distance learning, 11 Apr 2012 - 13 Apr 2012.

EduCamp series 2012
EduCampAKL 2012 date/venue confirmed (21st July). Other dates and venues are going up on the EduCamp home page.





Teaching and Learning  |  Digital Citizenship



Encouraging secondary teachers to embrace anytime, anywhere learning
Sam Cunnane invites you to follow the blog for the 'magazine project' at http://curriculumintegrationproject.blogspot.com/


On-going conversations in Game-based learning
Are you playing?

Global Digital Citizenship
Blog post submitted in the 21st Century Fluency Project by Andrew Churches (via Tessa Gray).
Snapshots of Learning - ePortfolios
New Zealand teachers share how eportfolios are being used in their schools. Stories come from a variety of contexts and include examples of elearning pedagogy and eportfolio integration.
Transforming education globally: A short video

What do your students think about using technology for learning?

Opening your classroom to the world
Simon Evans shares this story from Pinelopi Zaka: Many teachers are using blogs in the classroom, exploring their unique potential to engage learners through sharing their work with a real audience.
Our Favourite 2011 Class Blog Posts
Allanah King collates some of our favourite class blog posts from 2011.
Implementing the use of mobile devices to support learning
Shared by Barbara Reid,

Personalised Learning and Flexible Learning Spaces
Discussing ways to create personalised learning environments.

CORE EDTalks video: Michael Barbour: New Zealand's Virtual Learning Network
Michael Barbour, Assistant Professor in Instructional Technology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, was recently in NZ researching the Virtual Learning Network (VLN).



Need more resources for e-Learning and Teaching?
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Green swirly logo




Network for Learning
A talk from the Ministry’s Marg McLeod and Eddie Reisch.


Using QR Codes @ Whg Primary

YouTube for schools        


Have you heard about "Storybird"?
An application that can support literacy.


Moodle 2.2 update   


Small Size, Big Potential: Mobile Learning Devices in School.
An on-going discussion in Derek Wenmoth’s BYOD in Schools group.


Using TKI to support you and your class


iPad/iTouch technology

Advice on preparing your school for an iPad(s)
Planning is imperative for any technology initiative - iPad or otherwise. You need to ensure that you clearly understand and communicate how the technology integrates with your overall pedagogical objectives.


Snapseed free
A fairly powerful photo editing app for the iPad - a whole range of effects and alterations possible, via Innes Kennard.

Animoto app
Richard Bryne talks about the new Animoto app for iPad/ iPhone. Animoto is a fast, simple way to present photos and images as video or slideshows.


5 Simple (But Hidden!) Tricks All The New iPhone/iPad Owners Should Know | TechCrunch


Snapshot of learning for iPod Touches and iPads
Implementing the use of mobile devices to support learning, contributed by Cameron Lockie, Kaipara Flats School, Kaipara Flats


Google in schools

Using Google tools...ideas, help, questions....


GMail Scribbles
A new Gmail feature that allows you to create and share doodles, drawings, hand drawn maps etc. directly from the GMail app (shared by Michael Fawcett). 



Need more resources for e-Learning and Technologies?
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Beyond the Classroom

What makes a good school – from a parent’s point of view?
Blog post from Tessa Gray.

VLN: Home - School Communication
Waihi cluster schools reflection on Home School Partnership.



Need more resources for e-Learning and Beyond the Classroom?
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