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Our Favourite 2011 Class Blog Posts- cross posted from my Edublog

Cross posted from my Edublog   http://allanahk.edublogs.org/

We engage with our children through blogging throughout the year and I wondered if, in the spirit of collaboration, we might come together to share some of our favourite posts that we have published during the year.  Some teachers just picked the one post that was most memorable for them and some teachers asked their students which posts most resonated with them.

I also thought the resource may then be useful for others as they look forward to 2012 to see what others have been blogging about in other parts of the country.


As well as promoting the concept to our Link Learning Cluster I tweeted the link a couple of times to spread the word.

My next step was to think of a place to put the pages and web links. A year and a half ago my preference would have been to make a wiki but this year I have really appreciated the ease of use and clean-ness of using a Google site. I often find Wikispaces tricky and things don’t sometimes turn out how you want them to when I am using a wiki.

At first I promoted the idea of people editing the Google site themselves and adding their own images and links but at the busy report writing time of the year people didn’t seem so keen on that idea so I just asked them to email or tweet me the links and I would do the rest.

I made a two column table on the Google site to keep the formatting even and had to add an extra column as the number of posts grew. Now it doesn’t look so pretty when viewed on my iPad or MacBook Air but no matter.

As people sent me the link I took a screen grab of the post ( Shift + Command + 4 on my Mac ) and then hyperlinked the image and the URL web address.

This post is probably over long but I am writing it in Evernote on my iPad on a flight back from Auckland after having been evacuated from the Nelson floods. Contrary to public opinion I cannot hold back flood waters so attended a Sustainability Forum up north for a couple of days instead. Now I look forward to spending a few days slushing away the mud at home.

You are welcome to tweet or email me your links from your own class blog and I can add them to the resource. 




  • Angela Lee

    Thanks Allanah, this is a fantastic resource, what a great way to show students and teachers the magic that can happening when blogging!  I'm planning on working with a few classes to get more blogs up and running at our school next year, I'll be working with each class to come up with 'what makes a great blog post' as well as what a blog is used for, your site will be a great starting point!

  • Allanah King

    If people are using Blogger they may find this help site useful for the technical side of things.