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Snapshots for Learning webinar

This was a very enjoyable and useful final webinar for this year, from Enabling e-Learning.

Suzie Vesper outlined the key features of Software for Learning. Most people in the workshop knew about the reviews of software but we also found out about pages on:

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Key points in the webinar:


  • Software for Learning Snapshots  -  http://softwareforlearning.tki.org.nz/Snapshots  -  are developed by teachers who have applied for a day’s release to reflect on and record the way they have used a technology appropriately to support learning and effective pedagogy, as part of an inquiry.
  • You can browse by the snapshots curriculum area and school level, as well as by software and A-Z list of products.


How might we use these snapshots?


We discussed:

  • Teachers could reflect on what is happening in the snapshot – and Suzie provided a range of discussion question [see below]



Using snapshots as part of the e-Learning Planning Framework 


Suzie then shared Fiona Grant’s work, mapping the way you might use snapshots as part of your professional learning, mapped against the Professional Learning phases in the Draft e-Learning Planning Framework: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17xSr3cQ7ufW_cMjoSAJhzeRZiqN6gN_xtc9S17CWGXM/edit?hl=en_GB




Finally, Suzie reminded us that all teachers are welcome to express an interest in developing a snapshot – it is great support for teachers to unpack the inquiry cycle in relation to their own e-learning contexts and their own class.


Comments included:


  • “Love the opportunity for discussion around eLPF.”
  • “Looking forward to the holidays where I can dream up a snapshot for next year.”
  • “We have written it as a target for 2012.”
  • “I really like the idea of using S4L a little more. We’re using inquiry to improve our writing and I’ll introduce this site at the start of the year to use in association with their inquiry.”


Thanks to Suzie for a great presentation, and to participants for their contributions and enthusiasm. A recording is available here: /pg/groupcms/view/187012/