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Reflections on 2011 at MRGS and the Cluster

An e-Learning Lead Teacher Reflection

Sophie Wright, Mount Roskill Grammar School

Director of e-Learning

e-Learning Lead team facilitator

AHOD Mathematics

 Links: Slideshow paralleling this reflection

          Conversations (pdf)


Setting the Scene:  We are coming to the end of the 2nd year of our 3 year ICT Cluster at MRGS. We have seen a huge uptake in the use of our Moodle based LMS iLearn in the past 12 months. Our goals for 2011 are


Cluster Programme Goals

Success Indicators

Through Peer Coaching and Inquiry Learning, we will develop expertise in integrating E- learning and formative assessment into teaching practice, which supports relevant and student centred learning.

12 teachers, representing the main departments, will develop the successful use of E learning in their practice. They will reflect and improve their practice via peer coaching and inquiry learning.

The E learning Lead Team will deliver professional learning within the PLC structure.

The E learning Team will share and develop their practice and pedagogy via the PD website.

Build and launch an interactive PD website for the Mt Roskill Campus of Schools, that uses Web 2.0 tools to enable teachers to share and discuss their professional learning

MRGS delivers a successful virtual staff meeting using the PD website.

Teachers are able to access and share information successfully to support their professional learning.

To increase the use of the iLearn Learning Management System to allow for more effective communication with students and whanau.

The E Learning Lead Team uses iLearn to support student learning and involve whanau in student learning.


The purpose of this summary is to reflect on the progress achieved in 2011 in three areas

  • Building the expertise of the lead team and their departments and supporting their inquiries.
  • Looking at the progress of learning communities via iLearn web spaces for teachers at the Grammar school.
  • Reflecting on the learning conversations and communications between students and teachers as iLearn usage increases


Supporting e-Lead teacher inquiry learning:

The lead teachers have engaged in a variety of inquiries to improve their own practice and support their departments to incorporate e-learning in their teaching and learning programmes.


Inquiry Learning






Can formative assessment activities via the development of i-Learn to enhance opportunities to learn?

Led their Dept PLC on a regular basis to collaboratively build up iLearn spaces for Science

Staff developed iLearn learning activities, digital learning paths,  created links to resources and exemplars.


Can the use of  iLearn and My Portfolio enhance opportunities to learn and facilitate shared learning?

Provided support to department to develop attractive iLearn spaces for all English courses. Used My Portfolios with selected classes.

Created Exemplar materials

iLearn spaces created and used for all English courses.  Exemplar resources shared, Forums created and used.

My Portfolio trialled successfully – See Fiona Burns’ story  

Social Sciences

How can iLearn and use of power point enhance opportunities to learn and to facilitate shared learning

Provided support to department to develop attractive iLearn spaces for many new social sciences courses.

Spent time to incorporate and create new visual resources.

iLearn spaces developed for many new courses.

Powerpoints developed to enhance junior learning programmes. Students publishing their research.

Exemplars published.


Will further use iLearn forums and enhance opportunities to learn, increase communication, to facilitate shared learning for students and teachers?


Can iLearn enhance the collaborative work of the teachers?

Lead team provided to support to individual teachers to create and monitor forums.

Teachers thought about how best to encourage student participation.

Work has begun to set up a collaborative space for teachers for development of teaching and learning programs

Forums created and used – great student and teacher feedback (See Katrina’s story).

Scholarship Calculus and Statistics courses completey integrated with iLearn.

Most course pages tidied up and made attractive.

Teacher space started.


Enhance opportunities to learn, increase communication and facilitate shared learning by moving focus from wikispaces to iLearn.

Provided support to dept to create new iLearn learning spaces. Support development of exemplar materials and feedback strategies.

iLearn spaces developed for many new courses.

Exemplars published.


Use iLearn to enhance opportunities to learn, enhance communication, and to facilitate shared learning

Support staff to trial Forums, online assignments, and resources within their iLearn spaces

Rich learning conversations taking place. (See Conversations pdf)

PE performance videos being taken, evaluated and published on iLearn


Growing Professional Learning Communities supported by iLearn

At MRGS, teachers are supported by the e-Learning page.

 This is a place that is used to share the learning of the Lead team.

It is also available to all staff to find support and to share their learning with respect to incorporating e-learning into their practice.


Professional Learning around Core Classes is also enhanced by the use of collaborative spaces. Some examples of pages set up this year are below in my Slideshow

And an example the shared space of a teaching department as they develop rich quality resources.


Professional Learning shared with Digistore wiki (Alison’s inquiry around digital learning pathways) and Software for Learning TKI Snapshots from Fiona’s inquiry using My Portfolio


More effective communication between students and teachers via iLearn


With the development and improvement of iLearn courses, we have observed a huge increase in the number of active users, and the beginnings of two-way communication between students and students, teachers and teachers, and students and teachers.

The big increase in activity in the past 6 months is one indicator.

The other indicator is the record of conversations. We see students asking questions outside the school day. Students initiate conversations in their class forums and answer each other’s questions. Teachers are enthusiastic about the opportunities to continue conversations outside lesson time. Katrina’s Story.


Student voice comes via forums, emails, My Portfolio, Survey Monkey, and Google Docs. This will continue to increase as we introduce the Live@Edu suite of services to enhance collaboration, sharing and communicating.



A lead team model of professional learning has created an enthusiastic culture beyond the lead teachers. Huge gains have been made in the previous 12 months. I am so encouraged by the creativity, commitment, and opportunities to learn around me and look forward to another 12 months of exciting growth.