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Enabling e-Learning webinars

It was a busy afternoon for online workshops yesterday.  You can enjoy them (and previous sessions) again by following the links below:


The final Enabling e-Learning workshop for the year will be:

Snapshots of Learning: Recent examples from NZ classrooms, with Suzie Vesper (30 November)

Software for Learning is a site that offers schools information and guidance on a variety of software packages and other areas related to the use of ICT in schools such as mLearning, e-portfolios, and assistive technologies.

In the 'Snapshots' section of the site, digital stories have been collected from around New Zealand showcasing how teachers are using ICT as part of a teacher inquiry cycle. Around twelve new stories are added each year.  These stories can be a powerful resource for you to use within your own professional learning programmes.

This session will provide a quick overview of all of the resources on the site as well as a more in-depth look at the snapshots and how you might use them.

Register to attend here [/pg/event_calendar/view/158508]

See you there!


  • Tessa Gray

    Thanks Karen,  and thank you for everyone who attended the digital citizenship workshop yesterday. 

    The presentation set out to define 'Digital citizenship' and identified the elements that help make up this term. We clarified some issues associated with digital citizenship and explored resources that can support teachers as they engage with students and other teachers to incorporate digital citizenship and cyber-safety across the curriculum.


    We also touched lightly on processes for whole school implementation and shared some possible ways to introduce the topic/main ideas of citizenship to students of all ages. The links provided throughout the presentation also share examples of how others are addressing digital citizenship in their schools.

    The presentation is embedded below. Please note when playing back the recorded session, it will default to full view when the whiteboard presents after a web tour, so to keep track of the on-going chat in the room, go>VIEW>DEFAULT VIEW.

  • Annemarie Hyde

    Thanks for all these webinars and the PD! I HATED having to make a choice and did so because we are working on Teacher as Inquiry for appraisal. Digital Citizenship is the big thing next term (yes, I know, I mean all the time, but it's having a special spotlight!) so I shall look at the recording of Tessa's webinar. Smile

  • Enabling e-Learning

    You are so welcome, Annemarie. Thank you for the kind words and enthusiasm. We'll definitely review the timetabling for 2012 to make the choosing easier;-)