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Teaching As Inquiry

Just attended an interesting webinar with Christina Ward. She went through the Teaching as Inquiry structure from NZC. Hazel Owen has also blogged on this so I'll add a link to her blog post. It's worth reading as it is far more thorough than my comment here.


Christina looked at some of the forms that inquiry can take -


She allowed us time to view and listen to Helen Timperley -


And she gave us links of case studies and practitioners from both primary and secondary schools -



There was a lot of "energetic" chat in the chat box, both from me talking about how we use it in appraisal, to those who see it or fear it being imposed by senior leadership.

Lots of food for thought; Jenni came in partway so we followed it up with a discussion and then I suggested I video her which I'll add here when I've uploaded it.

Christina finished by asking us about our traffic lights:

1. Red - what will we stop? adding new stuff; teachers want to mull and select from all the new things we introduced this year.

2. Orange - what will we leave the same? Using Teaching as Inquiry for appraisal; it is god practice

3. Green - what will we start? Reflective journals using whatever form people feel happy with; appreciative inquiry, which asks us to look at best practice in our school already; peer mentors; time for the discussion or the learning