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National Goal 3 Reflective Summary 2011

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By Mary Rivers

The following is a summary of National Goal 3 for 2011 for the Mantar Cluster (Milestone 4).

Cluster: Year 2 of Cluster Programme - Primary Cluster Years 0-8

Cluster Type: ICT PD

Context: The Cluster has acknowledged the need for significant up-skilling of teachers in implementing ICTs as part of classroom practice and pedagogy. Given the range of schools in the Cluster, and the varying needs of individual teachers, the structure of development revolved around a Facilitator, a Lead Teacher from each school and the inclusion of external 'experts'. These external experts included Lyn Ross (Facilitator for TeApiti ICT PD Cluster), Jan Watts (National Library Advisor) and Kath Murdoch (Internation speaker). There was also consideration for sending staff to an National conference and U-Learn was chosen for this in 2011. Key areas of staff development were identified around Inquiry, Information Literacy and developing leadership potential within the Cluster.

Aims/Purpose: It was specifically identified that Inquiry, Information Literacy and using ICT tools to support student learning around this, was of significant importance in teacher PD. Goals included a range of responsibilities in relation to this, as follows:

* Management and LTs needed to prepare resources around pedagogy and community partnerships.

* The Cluster Facilitator was expected to present a range of Information Literacy tools at staff meetings

* The Cluster Facilitator would support school 'teams' to develop understanding around how these tools could be used to enhance student learning

*LTs will lead staff meetings around Information Literacy and run a successful TeKids programme within their schools

* Teachers would be actively involved in reviewing goals, participate in staff meetins, meet with Facilitator, attend QLCs and be actively involved in reviewing their classroom programme with their LT

* Teacher Aides will be provided with E-learning tools to support the development of learning goals for special programmes

* Leadership potential was identified and supported across the Cluster

Interventions and Summary of Key Results: Key areas of Staff PD to meet these goals were as follows:

* Lead Teacher PD with a range of workshops conducted by Lyn Ross covering a range of relevant developmental areas. This has been reported on extensively in this Milestone at 4.2 - please refer to this for full details and links to evidence/reflections.

*Facilitator visits to schools. The role of the Facilitator has changed over the course of the year which has meant the most significant area of in-school development with staff has been working with 'teams', individuals and students. Time restraints have meant that the Facilitator did not attend staff meetings to introduce literacy tools, however, this was done by LTs after Lyn's workshops as detailed already in this Milestone. Visits conducted by the Facilitator have been co-ordinated in conjunction with the Principal/Lead Teacher of each school and targeted to support their individual schoolwide/teacher/community needs. Reflection on these visits can be found here:


/pg/blog/owner/group:61401?offset=10  (see blog: 'Blogging with the Teachers'.

* Lead Teachers leading staff meetings. TeKids programme (see information already posted in this Milestone for TeKids information).  Reflections and evidence around Lead Teacher input into staff meetings can be found here:

/pg/blog/owner/group:61401?offset=0  (see blogs: 'Building and E-Learning vision', 'Thinking Toolbox and ICT Blue-Print', 'ICT and E-Learning revisited').

/pg/blog/owner/group:61401?offset=10 (see blogs: 'Stepping Into Other People's Shoes', 'Graphic Organisers...', 'DATT Workshop', 'Keys and Hats Staff Meeting'.)

/pg/blog/owner/group:61401?offset=20     (see blog: 'E-Learning Sharing'.)

* Teachers reviewing goals has larger revolved around the QLC process which has required the critical reflection of teacher goals with the support of colleagues. The QLC format for 2011 was altered based on Teacher feedback provided by staff at the end of 2010. Overall, teachers voiced their preference for working with peers working in the same year level as well as having the flexibility to visit different schools as part of the reflection process as well as getting new ideas to take back to their classrooms. Further reflection has been down around this process for 2012 and is currently under review and discussion with the Management Team. Reflections on the QLC groups can be found here:



* It has been on the Management Team agenda to up-skill Teacher Aides in the use of ICTs to support the learning needs of both Special Needs and Gifted and Talented students. Unfortunately, however, due to time restraints, this has not been completed over the course of this year as a Cluster wide initiative. However, one example of in-school upskilling of Teacher Aides can be seen below. The LT for this school included ICTs as part of the learning activities for ESOL and Special Needs students, which in turn meant providing PD for the Teacher Aides. Examples of work created by students to demonstrate this learning for both TA and students can be found here:



* The Cluster has committed to identifying leadership within the schools beyond the current LT positions. It is recognised that with staff changes, the LT leadership role needs to be extended so there is more expertise school and cluster wide to accommodate staff leaving and joining the Cluster. One initiative introduced this year to support this process was the attendance of staff at the U-Learn Conference in Rotorua. It was decided that the LTs would attend this and three non Management staff were also able to attend. One of these was a Reading Recovery teacher who also job shares. Their experiences, reflections and evidence of the wider impact of this Conference on their teaching practice, can be seen here:

/pg/blog/owner/group:61401    (see blogs: 'U-Learn 2011', 'U-Learn Reflection 2011').

Next Steps: Currently the Management Team is reflecting on all aspects of the Clusters progress for 2011 and looking forward to the Variation for 2012. At this point there are several key areas of focus that were not fully developed in the 2011 year and will be tabled for discussion and development for 2012. These are as follows:

* Teacher Aides - development of an effective and appropriate PD programme that is standardised across the Cluster to support all TAs in using ICTs to enhance student learning for Special Needs and GATE students

* Conference - consideration of attending one of the two key National Conferences (Learning at Schools or U-Learn) - who will attend and which of these will be suit the PD needs of the teachers within the Cluster

* The Cluster has had a change of structure for 2012 and will no longer have a part-time Facilitator. This has also meant the Cluster has lost a LT from Terrace End school and is in the process of appointing another from staff. Two of the current LTs will work in a joint co-ordinator role to fill the duties previously undertaken by the Facilitator. The final structure of this is yet to be finalised at writing of this Milestone.