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A flower bud?

A small success on Friday...our music teacher commented how easy it was to control the YouTube videos on his laptop which I had downloaded to help him with school wide singing. Up to now, he has stated a preference for CDs and OHPs. He wants me to teach him how to download the videos - so he can use his laptop.  Small, but a start.


  • Paula Jamieson

    I love those little 'aha' moments, you can almost see a light switched on when they finally see a purpose. What did you use to download the You Tube video's? I use Zamzar as it has no sign up and has sooooo many functions, that I introduce to teachers later, both when they are 'ready' and when they have a 'purpose'. Always on the look out for other ways of doing things though Smile

  • Annemarie Hyde

    I just use one from here and update it when it doesn't work -


    Do you pay for zamzar, or just the free version. It asked me to select a pay for use version when I tried to register.