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Working on Milestone 4

This is taking me a while - because I'm side-tracked playing with all the widgets and thinking about how to maximise use of this network.

I've been thinking about reflective journals...what tools to use with teachers to reflect on their elearning.  I've thought about Wordpress, Blogger, wikis, myPortfolio...then CLICK!...why not use the blogs attached to our profiles?  Here we have a neat little page where we can add photo albums and other widgets.  Lightbulb moment!Laughing


  • Allanah King

    If the blog is purely for self reflection and no one else is likely to read it then that would be a good idea.

    But if you want the input and freedom of a 'real' blog when people outside of the VLN could see it and add to it then I would suggest a Web2 blogging platform that could hopfully be sustained beyond the life of the VLN.

    You could always cross post things from the 'wild' blog to the VLN and get the best of both worlds like I sometimes do according to what I post about and the VLN takes the RSS from the 'real' blog. See my profile!

    Just a thought.

  • Mike Wilson

    It comes down to whether the teacher wants their reflections to be public or not. We are having this exact discussion at our school at the moment. With personal reflections I feel it should be a personal decision and not a directed one. We have some using Mahara (eportfolios), some using email or word documents and some even using google+ and not sharing their reflections. Shock horror some are using paper! (: I think it is a brings up a good discussion point in that, should personal teacher reflections be private or not/ directed or by choice.