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Somerset snippets





  The following are a quick snapshot of some of the e-learning being integrated throughout classes in our school;

  • In our special needs room the T/A's have been doing some great work with our ORRS funded children and other children in their support groups. The clip is of an ORRS child working on one of the computers. Part of this work has come about as a result of the PD that T/A's received earlier this year from myself and one of our office staff re digital photography and file use -  http://youtu.be/B0EA7UwL9gs 
  • A year 2/3 class used digital photography as part of their music programme with the students taking photos of each other to demonstrate to others the correct notes for playing the recorder - image  image
  • In our year 3 class the children have been using Study Ladder as part of their Maths and Language rotations. Each child has his/her own log in etc and the teacher is regularly checking progress. image http://www.studyladder.co.nz/?lc_set 
  • As part of the oral language and daily routines our new entrants are in charge of setting up the calendars on the Smartboards


  •  One class used a combination of the Smartboard, digital photography and websites to study Patterns in Nature for some integrated maths and visual art learning.image
  • Use of graphic organisers is alive and well, as demonstrated by a year 4/5 class using a PMI to order their thoughts (and excitement) after a visit from some of the Argentinian World Cup Rugby team to school - this served as the basis for some recount writing Argentina pmi.docx 
  • A year 2/3 teacher used a variety of web2 video clips as motivation, discussion and thinking tools for teaching and learning about one of our school values - kindness  stroudpuppets 

All in all teachers are integrating far more ICT and 21stC e-Learning opportunites into their programmes. Confidence and creativity is growing and students are taking up opportunities with enthusiasm!