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The Paper Trail...

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By Maria

At a recent TeKids post meeting with Lynn Ross she presented us with a powerpoint that would be excellent for our families.  We have decided to use this at our first 'Meet the Parents' at the beginning of 2012.  This is a valuable resource - thanks, Lynn.  For me the most poignant moment was when a monk from the past was trying to shift the thinking of another monk to move from the scroll to the book - apparently, not an easy task.  This anomally with today's shift from 'pen and paper' to the digital age is equally difficult to make.  For us digital immigrants we are still trying to run both side by side - neither truly successful. The focus of this blog post is the weekly newsletter.  Every school, every week has put out the weekly newsletter.  We have moved from the smell of methylated spirits as we churned out the letters home to parents, to the photocopier and then to emailing them directly to parents.  But this has not really worked.  We still needed to send home paper copies and then we still had families who never seemed to know what was happening.  

I came back to school and we made the decision to move from the weekly newsletter to the Principal and Office Blog.  Messages are now added by not only our Principal but also the Deputy Principal, our Office Administrator and our Parent Group.  We do not run the newsletter alongside it (brave decision, we thought).  Now no news is old news, it is up to the minute and anyone can see it.  Our next step is to put a computer in the office area for parents to also access the blog from there.