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U-Learn 2011

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By Maria

U-Learn was a great success for both Val (our Principal) and myself this year.  What is often tedious, however, after attending such a monumental Professional Development is - 

  1. You need to make copious notes so that you don't forget the important stuff
  2. You then need to type up all of the notes that you have scrawled for several days
  3. You also need to report to the various bodies of interest - staff, board etc.

Oh how I love the digital age.  Every workshop, keynote address Val and I attended we blogged it directly back to our teachers and families.  In fact in one workshop (Apple sMacdown) one of our teachers followed the whole workshop and was able to participate too!  This has made it more valuable.  Our workshops are easily discussed in staff meetings.  Instead of a quick five minute presentation everyone has had the opportunity to see and reflect on how it could be beneficial to them.  

Please visit our Principal and Office blog for our thoughts on U-Learn, here are a couple of examples for you -