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When a Plan Comes Together - 2011 Strategic Plan

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By Maria

Coming to the end of 2011 gives us time to reflect on the learning, teaching and the goals that we set in place for this year (and beyond).  The Strategic Plan, developed by our Principal in response to our school's vision has been revisited throughout the year to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all of the students.  

Key points from the Strategic Plan were:

  • The 21st century learner
  • life long learners
  • Self reflection
  • Reviewing and revisiting learning and teaching

The changing face of today's learner can be evidenced by the classroom blogs, the depth of the Inquiry that each student has undertaken as well as the change in our teaching.  Our teachings are feeling confident and comfortable in the role of 'faciliator' to student's learning. Another significant change has been the use of digital media and Web 2.0 tools.  Our student's learning is no longer locked away in books that are never re-opened, rather it is revisited, reflected upon and critiqued by teachers, students and peers.  


Our questioning has opened up worlds of discussion both in the classroom and at home.  In our Inquiry Unit for the Rugby World Cup, students posted questions and families posted not only answers but more questions - exactly the sort of partnership we are looking for!  


Strategic Plan