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Following a Passion Inquiry Unit

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By Maria

Our Inquiry focus has been developed over the past 4-5 years.  Over this time we have seen the evolution of what we do as teachers as well as the change in our students.  We developed our own Inquiry Process based on Kath Murdoch's model.  Our next step was to then discover the interests of our students.  At the end of 2010 our Principal surveyed our students to see what their interests were.  This became the basis for our Inquiry over a two year period - with one exception.  We decided at a staff meeting that to truly ensure we were following the interests of our students that we would make one term per year a 'Passion Project' term.  This meant that each student would be able to follow their own interest both at home and school, supported by their classroom teacher.  It was decided that each student needed to follow the school Inquiry Model of - 

  • Finding Out
  • What we now know
  • What do we need to do next?

This process is supported by DATT (Direct Attention Thinking Tools) in order to give structure to the process.  They initially use such Tools as CAF (Consider All Factors) in the in the 'Finding Out' stage and then move onto tools such as A.P.C. (Alternatives, Possibilities, Choices), P.M.I. (Plus, Minus, Interesting), O.P.V. (Other People's Views) and K.V.I. (Key Values Involved) for the 'What we now know".  A key tool for the next stage is C&S (Consequence and Sequel).  By taking a key point from the 'What we now know' stage, a C&S is the tool to take the thinking further.  

Our next step was to let the student's know.  They were really excited and had no problem coming up with their very own 'Passion Project'.  We also let our families know what was happening.  For our Jazzy Juniors it was very obvious what the interests of our students were.  Instead of having it totally individualised we gave the students a choice of three topics.  We sent home a letter before the school holidays to let them know.   Letter Home - Passion Project.  This was also posted on the class blogs -