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Year 1&2 Can Animate!!

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By Maria

The first thing our Room 4 teacher, Lisa, did was showing actual animations that were on Youtube.  She then showed the class "Monster's Bad Day", which was an animation Lisa and two other staff member made during some animation P.D. with Lyn Ross. The step was to view "Pig's Revenge" which some other teachers produced.  The class then brainstormed their favourite toys. They talked about story lines and keeping it simple.  The criteria was that they had to take between 50-100 photos with a storyline.  They then made their backdrops using cardboard boxes. The students brought in their resources and toys to start animating.  The students were given practice time before they started.  One student was on the camera and the other was to move the characters.  They had to show the teacher 'shot one', 'shot two', 'shot three' etc before they actually used the digital camera.  At the end they evaluated what they had learnt - you can see this at the end of the animation.