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Building an E-Learning Vision

One of the key pieces we have found at Terrace End to be beneficial in the development of a school wide guideline on policy and practice was in gaining some outside expertise from Lyn Ross, a facilitator from another local ICT PD Cluster. One of the most beneficial was in the development of a Thinking Toolbox that was co-constructed by the staff. Lyn gave us the guidelines as a group of Lead Teachers, and our staff worked together to make decisions about what was best practice for us. We began with what staff already was using in the way of Thinking and its links to ICT. A greater toolbox was then devised based on what we believe would be the most beneficial to support student learning at each year level across the school. Each teacher now has a copy of this 'Toolox' that has a guiding framework with clear links to Thinking and ICT. It also contains a number of copies of some relevant Thinking tools. At this stage it is still in a folder and paper based but this is indicative of where out school is at in terms of creating an environment that is firmly embedded in an e-learning environment. That is to say, our feet are on the right path but there is more work yet to do to make the transition from ring binders and photocopies to a real presence in the cloud. Next year will be pivotal in ensuring these tools, strategies and practices are implemented school wide and that the transition to an online presence for staff practice (school wide notices, messages via email not cubby hole, online roll etc) is well underway. One example of the successful beginning of the implementation of Thinking into classroom practice can be seen here: 

http://room6rockstars.wikispaces.com/Earth+in+Danger    This class read a big book together and used Tony Ryan's Thinkers Keys to build a deeper understanding of the text.