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National Library Workshop - Supporting Inquiry: Creating 21st Centruy learners as skilled users of information

I attended this workshop last term to gage whether it would be worthwhile Cluster-wide for teachers.

It covered:

  • Exploding some myths about 21st Century learners -what the research tells us.
  • Tips for developing and scaffolding students' skillls in criticallly evaluating, analysing and using online information.
  • It's on the internet, so why can't we copy it? Exploring issues around the use of online information.

Having attended I feel that this workshop would be good PD for all Cluster teachers at the beginning of next year to help support the following success indicators from the Cluster goals in particular:

  • Developing high levels of information literacy skills as a foundation for learning (SI Goal 1).

  • Students are confident to transfer their ICT capability to new situations (SI Goal 1).

  • Students are critically aware of their own cyber safety and their digital footprint (SI Goal 1).

  • A range of meaningful e-learning experiences are continuously planned for, modelled and used by students across the curriculum (SI Goal 3).

  • Teachers are reviewing/contributing to a deeper understanding of the inquiry learning process (SI Goal 3).


  • Tony Greer

    Cool Kate - thanks for going along! great review, looks good - let's hope we can make it a cluster event!

    P.S - what's going on with your spelling in this post??!! Sort it out Tongue out (jokes - you've obviously been doing far too many of these lately!!)

  • Kate Dare

    I'll blame it on these new ultra sensitive keyboards...not my tired brain!