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Thinking Toolbox and ICT Blueprint

Draft Thinking Toolbox and ICT Blueprint

Following our lead teacher PD sessions with Lyn Ross this year around thinking skills, I lead a series of staff meetings with St James' teachers tailored to our own staff. Part of these staff meetings was collecting the teachers opinions about what thinking skills would be beneficial for our school and which would be suitable at each level.

Following this I drew up a 1st draft of 'Thinking Toolbox and ICT Blueprint' for St James'. I made sure that the stated outcomes for this toolbox linked to our Mantar Cluster goals. This 1st draft was discussed with the ICT team and a 2nd draft was drawn up. Staff will be using it in its draft form next year, intergrating it into their programmes.

If you open the document you will see a blank thinking tool column. Following more staff PD, we would like to include collaborative thinking tools in our toolbox as well. Some of these will have come from those introduced to me at ULearn, where I attended a session lead by Eric Fragenheim.

With regard to the ICTs listed, my next step is to create learning intentions and suggested success criteria for these. As with the thinking toolbox, these will be examined by the ICT team to ensure they are suitable for all levels.

It would be interesting to get feedback from the other Mantar Cluster lead teachers to see what path they have gone along following the PD from Lyn and whether they are developing their own Thinking Toolbox and ICT Blueprint.


  • Tony Greer

    Hi Kate,

    We followed a similar format here at Somerset by the looks of things. Check out my post;


    Something I think we need to consider in our cluster next year is a more collaborative approach to the great stuff we all do within our own schools - a few more 'get-togethers' and share things like this while we are all in the development phases. What do you think?!

  • Kate Dare

    I agree! It would be good to be doing more sharing about what we are developing in our schools as we need a shared vision for the Cluster.